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Pasta and Oven

Pasta and Oven

Legend has it that the tortellino was born to remember the navel of Venus, and indeed for gourmets it is natural to think of pasta as a divine dish. It is one of the symbols of the Bel Paese and the true heart of the Mediterranean diet, and for this reason it has an important space on our counter, to tempt the customer in a special way and according to all tastes. Starting with fresh pasta that allows you to indulge yourself in the kitchen between the dry and the broth, alternating the format or choosing the pasta stuffed with meat, vegetables, combined with refined aromas. Without ever forgetting the classics, such as the renowned tagliatelle, so called because they are worked in strips to be accompanied with the inevitable ragù. The offer is completed with durum wheat pasta, typically bronze drawn and dried at a long and low temperature, to bring to the table farfalle, fusilli, mafalde, linguine, orecchiette, and the many other shapes born from the creativity of Italian pasta makers. From the same tradition come the alternative doughs to bread that make Emilia-Romagna famous: piada, crescentine and tigelle, products to be discovered with different sweet and savory tastings. And for those who love to indulge in a few more delicacies, a wide selection of artisan biscuits.

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