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Sauces and in oil

Sauces and in oil

The ability to combine ingredients is best expressed in the preparation of sauces, sauces and preserves, the preparations that in the kitchen know how to accompany and give vigor to the most disparate dishes. The essence of a herb or a vegetable is collected in a jar that immediately releases all its aroma when opened, and can instantly garnish a crouton, a freshly drained pasta, a summer salad. The creative possibilities are endless, as evidenced by the vast choice of our proposals, flavored with mushrooms, onions, truffles, artichokes, pumpkin, as well as spices and Cervia salt, often with the classic and enveloping tomato base, or with that of Ligurian pesto. They are flanked by the flavors of typical recipes, from amatriciana to carbonara, from arrabbiata to traditional Bolognese ragù (according to the registered recipe, which involves the use of high quality beef), all presented in carefully prepared packages return the pleasure of the dish made at the moment. To accompany bread or bruschetta instead, here are creams with cheeses, walnuts, olives and peppers, as well as friggione and other vegetables flavored in oil and vinegar preserves: many different proposals for appetizing aperitifs. Finally, a touch of sweetness with honey, provided by the most attentive beekeepers in its various floral aromas.
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