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Mushrooms and Truffles

Mushrooms and Truffles

The intense sweetish scent that is released in the woods during the autumn period evokes the image of mushrooms, delicious foods of great refinement, often cultivable only in their natural environments. Their unmistakable aroma distinguishes the cuisine of the cold months, but the gastronomy suggests solutions to enjoy these special foods all year round. As happens for the porcino, true king of mushrooms, which lends itself to multiple uses and of which our products offer various variations. The same is true for the truffle, with its underground fruiting body that grows spontaneously in the ground, in particular next to the roots of the oaks. You can appreciate the sweetness of the black truffle, or the garlicky aroma of the bianchetto, with a singular flavor with a strong personality. Unusual combinations with asparagus, artichoke, chicken livers or acacia honey cannot be missing on your table.

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