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Wines and craft beers

Wines and craft beers

Since ancient times, the ritual of transforming bunches of grapes into a drink capable of tickling all the senses has taken on an almost magical character. In reality, behind each wine we propose there is the concrete wisdom of a long experience in taking care of the land and the vines, in order to brighten your table and offer each dish its right accompaniment. Obtaining a special wine requires constant attention in cultivation, respectful of the rhythms of nature; opting for a harvest carried out manually or with ancient systems; in the deep knowledge of their plants. This is what distinguishes our producers, thanks to which it is possible to choose from dozens of different vines scattered along the peninsula, the true richness of the Italian wine scene. Brunello, Chianti, Pinot, Aglianico, Falanghina, Pignoletto, Nebbiolo, Lambrusco, Prosecco, here are just some of the famous names that make up the choice, each with its own characteristics to match the most suitable dish. The invitation is to follow the colors and reflections, from ruby ​​red to straw yellow, already imagining the many combinations of fruity and flowery aromas, and the aftertaste suitable for every palate, including the more decisive one of liqueur specialties such as Passito and Zibibbo .

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