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From a simple and natural ingredient such as milk, the art and technique of the dairyman make it possible to obtain fresh and seasoned products that offer ever new taste experiences. The variety of cheeses offered by the Italian tradition never ceases to amaze, and it is not always easy to discover true excellence. Our selection of cheeses offers the opportunity to enjoy this discovery with the certainty of selecting high-level suppliers, in full and rigorous respect for traditional processing methods. From Parmesan to Pecorino, from Gorgonzola to Robiola, every taste experience will allow you to appreciate the different types of milk, the multiple recipes and the maturations that color the rinds in various ways and enrich the flavor. Taste the classics and then experience cheeses with special tastes: peppery, 'drunk', smoked; up to His Majesty the Black, an exclusive seasoned of the Chiari family that takes up an ancient tradition of the Capuchin friars.

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