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Cold Cuts

Cold Cuts

For our palate, salt is the measure of flavor. It is no coincidence that cured meats, inevitable protagonists on Italian tables, owe their name to salt, because they represent a unique example of tradition of taste. They are food products of meat, generally pork but not only, which have centuries-old histories of careful processing and artisan experience behind them. Salting is the treatment that distinguishes ham, speck, thigh and bow; and equally tasty are the sausages, such as salami, mortadella, pancetta which are aged enclosed in natural casings. The seasoning is the process that makes cured meats special, even more so when it is accompanied by aromas released by truffles, fennel, chilli, wine, or game meats with an intense flavor. The knowledge of the typical ways and areas of production allows us to offer our customers the best cured meats to make a recipe special, to present guests with a rich cutting board, to experiment with new flavors.

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