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The real Scoparolo cheese

hard cheese

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In peasant houses the cellars were often occupied by wine barrels, so the cheeses, which also needed to be stored in cool and shady places, were closed in the closets, together with the work tools and above all the brooms. For this reason, when the farmer asked the boy to go get him a cheese, he told him to take a "scoparolo". It is a sheep's milk cheese, aged by hand, with a ripe ocher-colored rind and a straw-colored, compact and slightly pinstripe paste. It has an intense aroma and a strong flavor.

Country of origin: Italy

Region of production: Emilia Romagna

Ingredients: pasteurized sheep's milk, selected lactic ferments, rennet (veal), salt. Surface treated with linseed oil. Rice flour on the crust.

Allergens: it is a sheep's milk based product, it contains traces of lactose.

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Producer: Ancient farmhouse


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