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Vecchia Malga is a shop specializing in the sale of fresh handmade Bolognese tortellini. Buy them now in our online shop.

The navel of Venus: history and myth of the tortellino: The origins of the tortellino are ambiguous, steeped in tales and legends, involving historical characters and divinities. Venus first of all. Yes, because it is from his navel that the product would take shape. The legend traces it all back to the episode of the Bucket Kidnapped, which resulted in one of the great battles of the Middle Ages, that of 1325 between Bologna and Modena.

The triggering cause was the theft of a worm-eaten bucket. Following the narration of the Modenese poet Alessandro Tassoni in 1624, then resumed in the 800th century by Giuseppe Ceri, the deities Venus, Bacchus and Mars would also take part in the battle, siding with the Modenese. After spending the night in an inn in Castelfranco, Venus was surprised completely naked by the owner who went to wake her up.

The enthralled man tried to reproduce the features, specifically the splendid navel, with a handkerchief of pasta. Given the dispute over the paternity of the tortellino between the two Emilian cities of Modena and Bologna, it is certainly no coincidence that Ceri places the birth of the dish in Castelfranco, a town on the border between the two provinces. The only certainty is that the homeland is Emilia.

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