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His Majesty the Black

hard cheese typical of Emilia Romagna

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The mountain cheese of the Chiari family is produced starting from the idea of ​​Rino Chiari to resume the ancient traditions of the Capuchin friars, with the help of the dairyman of Pieve Roffeno. His Majesty the Black needs 24 months of curing, which guarantees a unique taste and fragrance. He has received various awards; first of all the gold medal in the Les Rousses competition, as best hard cheese.

Country of origin: Italy

Region of production: Emilia Romagna

Ingredients: cow's milk, rennet, salt

Allergens: milk

Pack of: 900 / 1,10kg

Producer: Pieve Rofferno

Perfect to eat alone, excellent if grated on first courses such as tagliatelle with meat sauce and tortellini in broth.

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