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Salami with truffle 300 gr

pork-based sausage

price €15,90

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Sliced ​​and tasted at the moment, the truffle salami reveals all the aroma of lean adult pork, enhanced by the addition of truffles in the right measure. Stuffed in natural casing, it is aged for two months in special cellars.

Country of origin: Italy

Region of production: Toscana

ingredients: pork, salt, dextrose, sucrose, pepper, summer truffle flakes (tuber aestivum 0.2%), flavoring, EVO oil of Community origin; antioxidants: E 300, E 301; preservatives: E 252, E 250. Inedible casing.

Allergens: gluten and lactose free

Pack of: 200 / 300g

Producer: Franks Salumi


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