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Coppa di Parma IGP - slice

pork-based sausage

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Salami with an ancient history, owes much of its characteristics to the territory in which it is produced. The mixture of aromas and spices give the Coppa di Parma a unique, delicate and refined aroma and flavor.

Country of origin: Italy

Region of production: Emilia Romagna

Ingredients: pork, salt, dextrose, natural flavorings and spices; antioxidant: E301; preservatives: E252, E250.

Allergens: does not contain allergens

Pack of: 600g

Producer: Cold Cuts

traditionally it is tasted in appetizers and aperitifs, accompanied by rustic bread, bread sticks, focaccia and sandwiches. Excellent pairing with green leafy vegetables that enhance the flavor, and in legume-based creams or soups. Tasty when paired with blue cheeses such as gorgonzola.

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