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A special dad

A special dad

On the occasion of Father's Day, we would like to pay tribute to what we consider the father of our great family, Rino Chiari! It was from him that it all began in 1969! 

"The light-heartedness of my twenties made me start this adventure, the ability and will of my wife Mara made me continue to grow"

This is how his and our adventure began: an activity based on the importation of very fresh products, coming from the typical production areas, to be distributed to retail stores in Bologna. An activity that has finally grown and is still growing thanks to this love.

"Our seriousness, our love, our joy in being together and creating beautiful things together, have meant that our company is above all a big family"

For this love and this joy, we at Vecchia Malga want to celebrate the feast of all fathers! A huge thank you to all those who accompany us, encourage us, defend us and finally allow us to walk safely with our legs!

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