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Typical regional Italian cheeses | Online selling

Typical regional Italian cheeses | Online selling

Vecchia Malga is a shop specializing in the online sale of typical regional Italian cheeses. Discover our selection of typical regional cheeses from the main Italian regions.

Cheese is a food that can be compared to wine as a taste-olfactory complexity. It is natural that to produce a food with these characteristics it takes, like wine, one great raw material and a big one production technique.

Many cheeses have a flavor very intense (think of the pit, the very old Gorgonzola, the Roquefort, the Ragusan caciocavallo, the real Fontina, the very aged hard cheeses) and it takes very little to give flavor to the dishes or as a side dish: take this type of cheese rather than the less tasty ones it means eating less with the same taste.

Discover our selection of typical regional Italian cheeses

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