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"With eggs and flour, the pastry is already divine ..."

"With eggs and flour, the pastry is already divine ..."

Here is the original tortellino recipe. It is not only an "original" recipe but it is precisely the one deposited by the "Learned Confraternity of Tortellino" in 1965 in Bologna, to dispel any doubts about the origin of this delicious filled fresh pasta. We at Vecchia Malga bring you the ingredients without changing a comma:

Ingredients for about 1000 tortellini:

fresh yellow pasta prepared with 3 eggs and 3 ounces of flour

For the stuffing:

300 gr. pork loin browned in butter

300 gr. raw ham

300 gr. real Bologna mortadella

450 gr. Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

3 chicken eggs

smell of nutmeg

For the broth:

1 kg. of beef (double)

½ free-range hen





For the preparation continue on the page of the Brotherhood , here. You can also download the pdf of the recipe: click here. But if you don't have time to prepare them, you can take them , here from us, we always send them fresh!

Buon appetito!

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