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Authentic Tortellini Bolognesi handcrafted as hand-made at home

Authentic Tortellini Bolognesi handcrafted as hand-made at home

Vecchia Malga is a shop specializing in the sale of authentic handmade Tortellini Bolognesi as homemade, all of the highest quality. 

The feeling linked to the culinary tradition in Emilia Romagna is firmly linked to these images, to the land, to its fruits and to the figures who have loved, celebrated and worked it up to now, carrying on the internationally recognized passion for good food. Among the excellences a place of honor comes from the table in Bologna.

It is no coincidence that it is called "la Grassa (the fat one)", with the Tortellino. So we take a journey through time, knowledge and flavors, smelling the ingredients and reconstructing the history of the famous little treasure chest that is the symbol of the city.

The tortellino contains within its goodness many stories and even more the legends, written and sung that they want find an origin. Its name (in Bolognese dialect turtlen, in Modenese turtlelèin) derives from the diminutive of tortello, from the Italian, cake and colorful versions have been told about the origin, from which the dispute over its paternity also arises, disputed between the city of Bologna and Modena.

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