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Historic Bolognese sauce | Online selling

Historic Bolognese sauce | Online selling

Vecchia Malga presents the Ragù Storico alla Bolognese, an ancient ragù produced according to the recipe deposited at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, using high quality beef, with the addition of pancetta.

It is characterized by the prevalence of other vegetables than tomatoes. The final taste is pleasantly soft without losing the call to rustic flavors.

Il Bolognese sauce it is a typical ragù of mixed minced meat of Bolognese cuisine. The sauce is traditionally served with egg noodles (tagliatelle Bolognese), but it is also used to dress other types of pasta such as baked lasagna (enriched with béchamel) and the typical poor dish of the past, polenta.

A very common use abroad of the ragù is to season spaghetti (erroneously called spaghetti bolognese), quite common in Northern Europe and even sold in cans: this dish, now widespread also in Italy, is not to be attributed to Bolognese cuisine, as Emilian cuisine has always preferred egg puff pastry, usually fresh, over pasta of durum wheat semolina, usually dried.

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