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Products of the Emilian gastronomy Vecchia Malga | Online selling

Products of the Emilian gastronomy Vecchia Malga | Online selling

Vecchia Malga Shops selects for you the best typical products of high quality Emilian gastronomy.

In the gastronomic field,Emilia Romagna has few rivals. 41 products PDO and PGI, several Slow Food Presidia, a very long tradition of typical dishes and traditional recipes that have become famous all over the world (is it enough to mention tortellini and lasagna?). Not to mention the fact that in the region, in Modena, there is the second best restaurant in the world.

There are so many culinary paths to follow in the region, so many that you risk getting lost. For this we have selected some typical products of Emilia Romagna: they represent only a tiny part of the region's heritage, but they are already a good way to start discovering the land of piadine kiosks and strong-armed sfogline, where happiness smells of ragù and cheeses mature in pits.

It would have been too easy to talk about Culatello di Zibello and Parmigiano Reggiano, mortadella and Balsamic Vinegar. We went in search of lesser-known specialties, of which it is worth making at least a taste.

Discover and buy our products typical of high quality Emilian gastronomy on ours Online shop

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