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Mortadella Bologna | Online selling

Mortadella Bologna | Online selling

Vecchia Malga is the official dealer of Mortadella Bologna PGI.

Mortadella is the symbol of the city of Bologna; its aromatic taste and its heady scent are unique. It is a sausage that differs from other cured meats for cooking: the lean parts are in fact mixed with cooked fat cut into cubes; then the aromas are added and the sausage is bagged. At that point it is cooked in special heated rooms for a variable time depending on the size, and finally subjected to cooling.

Mortadella Bologna is a product increasingly in line with the dictates of modern nutritional science: a hectogram of Mortadella has about 288 calories, less than a plate of pasta and the same calories as mozzarella fior di latte.

Furthermore, Mortadella Bologna has only 60/70 milligrams of cholesterol per hectogram, like the most dietetic white meat. The cholesterol intake is low and the presence of salt is limited.

In fact, one hectogram of Mortadella contains Vitamins B1, B2, Niacin.

Mortadella is also rich in minerals such as iron and zinc and, for this reason, it is an ideal food for those who, carrying out a certain physical activity, need a correct energy intake.

The quality achieved in the choice of raw materials and processing techniques makes it possible to produce mortadellas that are particularly suited to the needs of today's consumer.

The processing techniques, constantly under control, allow to maintain an adequate ratio of proteins and fats with the total absence of added polyphosphates. With 60/70 milligrams of cholesterol per hectogram, Mortadella Bologna is light and dietetic like white meat.

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