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Seasoning: putting together

Seasoning: putting together

From the Latin condere: to put together, to compose. It is precisely from the root of this word that we would like to start: to put together. So the seasoning is something that is "added" and therefore it might seem superfluous but it is not: in fact it "gives" flavor and enriches every dish.

We will talk about an ancient condiment: Olive oil whose traces date back to 4000 BC In ancient times, however, it was not just a condiment but was used as a balm for the skin or as fuel for lamps. We find traces of it in very ancient books, and it is often also mentioned in the Bible. Due to its geographical position, climate and type of vegetation, Italy is one of the major producers along with Spain and Greece

Extra virgin olive oil: an ancient tradition that remains

In order to be given the name "extra virgin" and IGP it is necessary that the olives are harvested directly from the plant, manually, by mechanical means or by "stripping". Before milling, they must be washed only with water at room temperature and cannot undergo other treatments. For the extraction of the oil only the use of traditional mechanical and physical processes is allowed so that the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit are not altered

Among our oils you can find the Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil which we recommend using raw in legume soups, for cooked and raw vegetables and on traditional bruschetta.

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